2,900 Ford Ranger Drivers Warned After Another Takata Death

Ford is issuing an urgent recall telling owners of approximately 2,900 small pickup trucks to stop driving their vehicle immediately, following the death of a Ford Ranger driver in West Virginia.

On December 22, Ford was notified of a crash involving a 2006 Ford Ranger with a ruptured Takata driver-side inflator. Fifty-six-year-old Steve Mollohan was killed in a crash on July 01, 2017. The 2006 Ford Ranger was inspected by Ford on December 27, during which they confirmed a ruptured Takata inflator was the cause of the driver fatality. Ford then notified The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

This wasn’t the first Ford Ranger fatality

A similar fatality involving a South Carolina man driving a Ford Ranger was reported to NHTSA in January 2016.

After some investigation, Ford determined both Takata deaths occurred with inflators built on the same day installed in 2006 Ranger pickups.

There are at least 21 deaths and over 180 injuries worldwide linked to the Takata inflators. The inflators can explode with excessive force, blowing apart a metal canister which sends shrapnel throughout the interior of the vehicle.

These faulty inflators are part of the largest automotive recall in history and led Takata to file for bankruptcy protection in June 2017.

The latest recall affects 2,900 vehicles including 2,700 in the United States and nearly 200 in Canada.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging drivers to listen to Ford’s warning.

“It is extremely important that all high-risk airbags are tracked down and replaced immediately,” NHTSA spokeswoman Karen Aldana stated.

Ford has stated customers will be notified individually when parts become available so that appointments may be scheduled to have their vehicle serviced as part of the recall.

Owners of 2006 Rangers who have not yet been notified by Ford may go to NHTSA.gov to find out if their particular vehicle is under recall.

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