Angelcare Baby Monitors Strangulation Deaths Spark Recall

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 26-Nov-2013

Despite the trust millions of parents place in the safety of products made for their babies and little ones, improperly designed and defective baby products are tied to countless, preventable deaths every single year.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as many as 75,000 children and babies are injured, requiring medical attention, every year, as a result of injuries tied to bad children’s product accidents.

Baby monitors are just one example of a product that has plagued the market with defects and problems associated with poor design and cord placement, resulting in a multitude of strangulation deaths and life-altering injuries in infants and children.

Angelcare Monitors Inc. announced a baby monitor recall including Angelcare Movement and Sound Baby Monitors, models:

  • Angelcare AC1100
  • Angelcare AC201
  • Angelcare AC300
  • Angelcare AC401
  • Angelcare AC601
  • Angelcare 49255

The recall, announced by the company earlier this week, stems from two different infant deaths from the baby monitors, tied to cords linked to a sensor that is placed beneath the crib mattress. The cord that links to the sensor has been associated with the infant baby monitor deaths. Despite the instance of two separate cases of Angelcare baby monitor strangulation, the CPSC reported as many as 8 deaths linked to baby monitor cord strangulation, including other brands and types.

Although no amount of compensation can turn back time and bring back the life of a child or infant or erase some of the long-term injuries caused by defective baby products, holding companies and manufacturers responsible for defects and inadequacies is a vital part of helping transform the industry and possibly protect other children from similar injuries and deaths caused by problems like cords and flaws. If you’ve lost a child or watch them struggle with injuries caused by a bad children’s product, call our baby product attorneys for a free initial consultation at 800-359-5690. We care. We can help.


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