Carlson heads to Baton Rouge with supplies for Louisiana flood victims

Over the past week, Louisiana has been slammed with what is being called the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy four years ago.

Employees from The Carlson Law Firm are on their way to Baton Rouge right now with trucks full of supplies for those affected by the super-storm, along with a donation of $500.00. Local Walmart and Costco stores have graciously donated supplies including water, toiletries, and rain boots, which is all on its way as well.

According to the American Red Cross, thousands of people have been affected by the Louisiana flood, and have lost everything they own and need help.

The weather disturbance struck quickly, and with force. In some parts, more than 31 inches of rain fell in just 15 hours.

Baton Rouge flood supplies

“It is a true shame what so many families have gone through this past week,” said Managing Partner of The Carlson Law Firm, Craig Carlson. “Many of these people have lost their homes, all of their belongings. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.”

The U.S. Coast guard, National Guard and local emergency responders have had to rescue more than 30,000 residents and 1,400 pets who were trapped because of the Louisiana flood.

“At The Carlson Law Firm, we are committed to our local communities throughout central Texas,” said Carlson. “We hope that our donation and prayers make a difference for all victims and those who have suffered.”



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