Carlson Partner helps secure future for grieving family

A local family was awarded a sizable settlement after tragedy struck in 2014, thanks to the fidelity and perseverance of The Carlson Law Firm’s partner, Robert Ranco.

On Nov. 25, 2014, Arlene Fields was headed home to Round Rock on State Highway 79 near Hutto. Ahead of her Toyota Camry were two tractor trailers, each hauling half of a new, double wide mobile home. Both drivers has stopped on the side of the road to retrieve a wheel that had come off one of the trailers.

Arlene’s Camry struck the rear of one of the over-sized loads, causing her sedan to become lodged almost all the way under the elevated home. Photographs from the scene of the collision show the 16-foot wide load was sticking out a foot or more over the white, painted line marking the road’s edge.

The mother of two was pinned in her Camry for two hours, after which she was taken by medical helicopter to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

According to family members, Arlene’s cellphone had no text messages or phone calls in the hours leading up to the collision.

According to lawsuit documents, the companies involved in the hauling of the mobile home failed to prevent cars from colliding with the rear and getting stuck underneath by not providing a bumper on the rear or the load, and failed to remedy the dangers of wheels falling off mobile home trailers.

DMV records show the haulers were following their permitted route that day from Ft. Worth to San Antonio. While their loads were 16-feet wide—not big enough to require an escort vehicle—photographs of the scene show no signage visible to indicate an over-sized load as Texas law requires.

The hauler testified that he was not required to have any special training for transporting such an enormous load, and all he needed was a commercial driver’s license.


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