Carlson partner secures substantial settlement for grieving family

A local family has been awarded a sizable settlement after tragedy struck back in 2013, thanks to the hard work and dedication of The Carlson Law Firm’s partner, Julie Peschel.

On August 30th, a three-month old baby boy was under the presumed watchful eye of a local daycare. The boy was fed his bottle and placed in his crib for a nap. When a daycare worker returned to check on the young child, he was found not breathing, blue in the face and had spit up and blood around his mouth.

When emergency response crews arrived on scene, they administered CPR and suctioned the equivalent of 6.5 ounces of fluid from the boy’s mouth. The small baby had aspirated vomit, and was essentially drowning.

Because of the amount of time the young boy was without oxygen, he sustained life-altering, permanent brain damage.

The child required numerous surgeries, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, as well as a tracheostomy and feeding assistance, since he could not breathe or eat on his own.

The family spent months in the hospital, made adaptations to their home and learned to embrace their new normal.

Unfortunately, the child passed away due to complications and illness in 2015.

“This was a case where a child sustained a life-altering brain injury due to someone else’s negligence and ultimately lost his life,” said Peschel.

The family plans to use the money to raise awareness for infant brain injuries and they hope to inspire systemic change so that no other family has to go through what they endured.

“One of the reasons I love practicing personal injury law, is because it gives me a chance to help those who really need it most,” said Peschel. “While there is no way to ever bring the child back, it is rewarding to be able to help provide some good for the family.”


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