Dealing with Insurance Companies Following a Car Accident

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the last auto fatality free day occurred in November 2000, with at least one person dying in a Texas traffic accident every day since.

With an influx in auto accidents occurring across the state, most people will find themselves dealing with insurance representatives of others involved or even their own insurance companies in an effort to seek fair compensation following a crash, slip and fall or injury.

Despite medical bills incurred, time lost from work and hardships involved, insurance companies often look to pay out as little as possible. From the moment an accident occurs, there are several steps victims can take to protect themselves.

Gather as Much Information as Possible at the Accident Scene

While some accident situations may make it impossible to compile information right at the scene, gathering information before it fades, is removed from the scene and witnesses become difficult to locate can be vital to one’s case. Some of the important information that can be helpful later, as a potential case is considered include:

Although investigators can compile information following an accident, once vehicle are towed and witnesses leave the scene, it can be more difficult to track them and document property damage that points to imperative facts.

Consider First Offers from Insurance Companies Carefully

Following an accident, whether it was an auto collision, slip and fall or dog attack, victims often find themselves dealing with a multi-million dollar industry. With professionals who deal with accidents and victims every single day, insurance representatives have a clear advantage over victims, provoking low-ball offers and, sometimes, less than honest tactics.

With medical bills mounting and the stress of injuries and time away from work or even a complete transformation in one’s ability to care for family, acceptance of initial offers may be tempting. In contrast, gaining a clear scope of all injuries and care necessary can protect against future headaches. Seeking the help of an attorney can help victims shuffle through important information and make informed decisions based on all the factors involved in a crash, fall or other accident.

Avoid the Pressure

Some representatives of an insurance company may place pressure on victims and loved ones to sign releases or provide recorded statements immediately after a crash, when victims are overwhelmed and stressed. Since compensation can depend on multiple factors, consulting with a personal injury attorney prior to settling or signing releases can help victims see what their case may be worth and what future costs and treatment they may need.


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