Fallen Mattress Creates Road Hazard, Sparks Texas Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 27-Dec-2011

A mattress, that slid from the bed of a pickup truck sparked an accident south of Amarillo on Monday, police said.

A woman driving a car side-swiped the pickup truck as the driver attempted to re-secure the mattress, which caused the woman’s car to slide beneath the back of the pickup. With the front end of her vehicle smashed beneath the truck, the car and the truck both ended up in a nearby ditch.

The woman and the truck’s driver both experienced injuries resulting from the two-vehicle accident. No other vehicles or passengers were injured in the Texas accident.

Debris, truck tires, cargo and even vehicle equipment leftover from a previous accident can all spark dangerous accidents that can cause serious injuries and even death for those traveling our highways and interstates. Some examples of road debris and hazards that can cause injuries to drivers and passengers on roads, include:

  • Misplaced or leftover construction equipment
  • Truck tires resulting from blowouts
  • Equipment damaged and left following previous accidents
  • Dangerous potholes
  • Hazardous road designs, including signal problems or visual obstruction

As drivers, we hope the roadways we travel are safe, without dangerous hazards that can cause injuries. But while we sometimes expect that roads and streets are safe for traveling, highway defects, improperly functioning signage and equipment and inadequate clean up can surprise even the most experienced and attentive drivers.

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