Fair-Value Flood Claim Calculator Launched to Aid Texas Gulf Coast Flood Victims

Tool Aids Families Still Fighting Flood Insurance Companies After Hurricane Harvey

KILLEEN, Texas — With the 2018 hurricane season officially starting June 1, hundreds of Gulf Coast families are still recovering a full nine months after Hurricane Harvey made landfall last August. The slow recovery process for many families is in part because of flood insurance companies’ failure to pay fair amounts to residential and business owners. The Carlson Law Firm is stepping in to assist Texas families speed up recovery efforts through offering legal assistance navigating insurance claims. The firm released the Fair-Value Flood Claim Calculator for victims of flood damage to assess the claim valuation of their homes. Texas families struggling with underpaid or denied claims can use the tool to compare a fair estimate amount against their insurance company’s offer.  

By simply inputting information about their home, Hurricane Harvey flood victims can have a fair claim estimate in a matter of seconds. Users can easily access the tool any time from desktops or mobile devices on the firm’s website. The Fair-Value Flood Claim Calculator helps homeowners determine:

Craig Carlson, Managing Partner of The Carlson Law Firm stated, “The devastation along the coast should not be anyone’s new normal. These families are still fighting insurance companies as we near another hurricane season and that is absurd. We care about these families and take our mission to serve our communities with the best legal service seriously. Along with this tool, we’re working along the coast to help these families put their lives back together.”

Users can access the calculator on The Carlson Law Firm website: https://www.carlsonattorneys.com/fair-value-flood-claim-calculator/

Our firm is currently fighting for 49-year-old Houston resident Reina Garcia, whose life has completely changed since Hurricane Harvey.

Garcia has lived in her current home since 2004. She sought the help of an attorney after her insurance company continuously underestimated the damages to her home; and presented additional requirements to make her process of rebuilding more complicated. Despite the extensive flood and wind damage her home sustained, Garcia and her daughter have continued to live in the home. Normal tasks have proven to be a challenge. For example, the water system in Garcia’s home has been so badly damaged that basic hygiene presents a challenge. She and her daughter occasionally have to drive to her son’s house just to bathe.

“It’s a very frustrating process,” Garcia said. “Almost a year after and they still do not have a fix for the issues. It’s a very complicated situation because the insurance company requires a contractor with a license and insurance. I hired a contractor to repair my home and he left repairs unfinished. He claimed repairs far exceeded what little amount of money I got from the insurance company. The insurance company told me that wasn’t their problem.”

Garcia is living in a home with half-finished repairs, full of dust, construction waste and constant cleaning up after repairmen. She believes that if insurance companies just paid her the amount she is due that she can hire a new contractor so that she can move on with her life.

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey speaks to a larger situation for Houston down the line. Insurance companies’ inaction to help flood victims may lead to greater consequences for Houston neighborhoods.

“I’d like to sell my house in the future. My neighborhood is very prone to flooding. Right now, I’m very frustrated and I’m very stressed. I can’t imagine my life as an elderly lady having to deal with insurance policies and slow-moving repairs,” she said.

Garcia is hopeful for the future now that she’s gotten attorneys involved.

“My attorneys have been wonderful. I’m glad that I’ve got someone to stand up for me. They came out took pictures and inspected my home themselves. They asked about the history and damages,” Garcia said. “I think I’ll win. I’ve been paying the insurance company to cover me if something like this were to happen. It happened, and now I just want to repair my home. I just want get it back where it was before the storm.”

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