GM Recalls 1.3 Million Vehicles for Power Steering Defects

General Motors recall woes continue to make headlines as the auto maker announced recalls for more vehicles, on top of the more than 2.6 million vehicles previously called back for ignition defects.

While GM has received criticism for its method of dealing with the previous recall, the addition of 1.3 million more vehicles for additional flaws has garnered an outcry from safety advocates and victims of the dangerous auto defects.

The latest flaws identified by General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are tied to the power steering in the vehicles, which can be suddenly lost while the vehicle is in motion, raising the potential for an accident.

The latest GM recall includes:

Some of the vehicles included in the secondary recall were also part of the initial recall by General Motors.

The ignition defects that sparked the initial GM recall has prompted a congressional hearing regarding the way General Motors and its leaders reacted to the defects and their knowledge of the dangers associated.

According to safety advocates, GM leaders possessed important information about the affected vehicles that may have helped identify the ignition defects long before the vehicles were recalled.

While vehicles may have flaws that require defects, some of the problems that arise, that can result in deadly accidents, injuries and death, stem from inadequate reactions from auto makers, designers, leaders and maintenance companies. Meeting standards, enacting safeguards and loojing out for the safety and well being of consumers is an important responsibility that product makers and companies accept. We often believe that the simple availability of a product on the market is a sign that its safe for consumption and use. But despite our misconceptions regarding the safety of our cars, food and other goods, some companies often place profit and savings at a higher priority than the safety of those consuming their goods.

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