Hamilton County Driver Killed in Texas Rollover Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 24-Feb-2012

A Hamilton County single-vehicle rollover accident claimed the life of a Comanche school teacher Wednesday morning.

Officials said, 7-year-old Francine Partin was ejected from her 2004 Chevy Suburban when she lost control in the Texas SUV rollover accident. Partin was not wearing a seatbelt when the crash occurred, police said.

According to reports, the SUV hit a tree and rolled after Partin lost control and the vehicle veered off the roadway.

Police are still looking into what may have caused Partin to lose control of the vehicle in the Hamilton County car accident.

Vehicle rollover accidents are some of the most deadly types of crashes people can be involved in. And while we are often careful to watch out for other drivers, a single-vehicle rollover accident can be even more unexpected despite the absence of other vehicles. But while Texas rollover accidents can be fatal, what causes them is sometimes a mystery. Some of the types and causes of rollover accidents include:

Overcorrection Accidents

Many times, when a driver overcorrects a car, jerking it back into place, a vehicle can become imbalanced, especially vehicles that are particularly prone to rolling, like SUV’s and trucks. Distracted driving and fatigued driving are sometimes the culprits of veering in the first place, causing drivers to quickly try to correct their lost of control in a forceful manner and, ultimately, causing cars to overturn.

Tripping Accidents

In addition to losing control of a vehicle because of overcorrection, sometimes, a car can overturn when it becomes tripped up on an object or hazard in the road. Guardrails, old tires, uneven terrain and other hazards can cause a vehicle to easily lose balance and roll.

Imbalanced or Overloaded Vehicles

Vehicles that are unevenly loaded with gear or cargo can become a hazard for a Texas rollover accident, especially among those vehicles already at risk of overturning. Drivers and occupants can protect themselves from some of the risks associated with rollovers by balancing the weight of people, cargo and goods loaded into a vehicle.

Reckless Driving

Driving erratically is another action that could potentially raise the risk of enduring a rollover accident, creating imbalance with swift movements, lane changes and other movements, performed at high speeds.

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