Lawsuit Against Ford Results in $73 Million Verdict For Plaintiffs

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 16-Nov-2011

A lawsuit against Ford Motor Company resulted in a $73 million verdict for the plaintiffs against the auto manufacturer, the Sacramento Bee reported last week.

The million dollar damages verdict stemmed from a lawsuit against Ford over a church van crash that killed two of the vehicle’s occupants and injured others involved.

According to the jury over the case, Ford failed to warn consumers and dealers alike regarding the defective tires on the E-350 Econoline van. While the defective tires on the van may have sparked the deadly accident, the unstable design and high center of gravity, of the van also contributed to the fatal wreck.

While Ford struggled to shift blame surrounding the severity of the accident onto the occupants of the van, who they claim were not wearing seatbelts, the decision was based on the information Ford withheld regarding the safety of the tires and the van as a whole.

In addition to placing blame on Ford, the jury in the case also found that Goodyear Tire and Rubber carried some of the weight in relation to bearing the burden of guilt. Although the Goodyear tires were found to be negligent and defective, Goodyear settled with the families involved in the lawsuit and was not a defendant in the case.

In addition to highlighting the defects of the tires that endured tread separation, the case also reinforced the design and manufacturing flawsthat make some Ford vans, trucks and SUV’s prone to rollover accident should tire blowouts or tread separation occur.

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