Motorcyclist Killed in San Antonio Auto Accident

A motorcycle accident in San Antonio killed a motorcyclist and left others injured on Thursday evening when the driver of a vehicle lost control, smashing head-on into the bike.

According to police the driver of the car involved was reportedly speeding when it bottomed out at a dip in the roadway. As a result, the driver lost control of the vehicle and swerved into the opposite lane of traffic on East Southcross Boulevard.

As a result of the head-on collision in San Antonio, the rider on the motorcycle was ejected from the bike. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the Texas motorcycle accident.

Two other people, who were occupants in the vehicle, had to be cut from the car by emergency personnel. Both of those occupants were transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center. Officials said both people were in critical condition as a result of the auto accident.

Speed can play a serious role in auto and motorcycle accidents, giving drivers and riders alike, less time to react to debris in the roadway, other vehicles and additional factors. Posted speeds often take the roads and traffic into consideration, making them important to adhere to.

Additionally, accidents involving motorcyclists can have deadly consequences. Lacking protection and smaller stature in comparison with vehicles make motorcycle riders especially vulnerable to serious head, neck and back injuries that can alter their lives forever. While it’s important that motorcyclists adhere to signs and Texas laws regarding speed, looking out for motorcyclists and other drivers is a responsibility all motorists have.

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