Multi-Vehicle Crash in Temple Leaves Several Injured

A multi-vehicle accident in Temple, Texas, involving as many as nine vehicles sent several victims to the hospital with injuries caused by the crash on I-35 on Sunday.

Although none of the victims of the Temple pileup accident experienced injuries that were life-threatening, five of the people injured in the wreck were transported to area hospitals. All of those victims were expected to recover from the injuries they sustained.

Authorities shut down portions of I-35 in an effort to clear the vehicles involved and investigate the cause of the crash.

No matter where they start or why, pileup accidents can be serious, involving multiple vehicles and leaving several people injured. Inattention, failure to yield the right of way, distraction and substance abuse can all sometimes be linked to deadly pileups. Once several vehicles are involved, it can become increasingly difficult for additional vehicles to stop in time. While some injuries may not initially seem serious, once the initial shock of a crash wears, victims can be left with ongoing health problems that require extensive care and medical treatment.

Texas Pileup Accident Lawyers

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