New Braunfels Head-on Collision Seriously Injures Two

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Feb-2012

A head-on-collision in New Braunfels caused airbag deployment in both vehicles involved in addition to injuries suffered as a result of the Texas accident.

According to police, the head-on collision occurred at the intersection of Gruene Road and Common Street on Tuesday evening. Airlife was initially called to the scene of the accident before one of the crash victims stabilized and was transported to the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio via EMS.

The names of the accident victims were not yet release by police and the accident continues to be investigated.

Head-on collision can be some of the most dangerous and deadly types of accidents because of the speed and severity of impact associated. High speeds, wrong-way drivers, loss of control, distracted driving and fatigued driving are just some of the reasons head-on collision occur.

While a variety of factors lead to head-on collision accidents, there are also a multitude of injuries resulting from this type of accident. Seatbelts and steering wheels are sometimes the source of injuries when serious impact occurs in the front region of a vehicle. In addition, broken glass and injuries resulting from the impact of air bags can also stem from front-end collisions.

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