Hwy 72 Big Rig Crash Kills One


Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 20-Jun-2013

A truck accident in San Antonio, involving two vehicles resulted in a fire that left the cabs of both big rigs unrecognizable on Wednesday, officials said.

According to police, the driver of an 18 wheeler involved in the crash, may have failed to stop at the intersection of Hwy 72 and Hwy 97. Police said the other truck involved was hauling crude oil. As a result of the collision, that tanker truck ignited in flames, burning both trucks and killing one of the drivers.

The driver killed in the fiery 18 wheeler accident has not yet been identified by officials.

The driver of the tanker truck experienced serious burn injuries and was transported to San Antonio’s SAMMC. Emergency officials said that driver was listed in critical condition.

18 wheeler trucks and semi’s travel thousands of miles across the state and throughout the country, with drivers clocking countless hours behind the wheel. The sheer size and power of big rigs and the amount of time drivers spend on our Texas highways and interstates makes it vital for companies to practice appropriate hiring and background checks, offer necessary training and properly maintain vehicles and equipment. Driver, companies, vehicle owners and maintenance companies must work together to make trucks safer, protecting passenger vehicles and other truck drivers from the hardships associated with serious semi-truck accidents in Texas.

Because of the many people, parties and entities that may be liable for a truck accident in San Antonio or across the state, wrecks involving 18 wheeler trucks can be more complex than other types of personal injury cases, requiring the skill and experience of a truck accident lawyer familiar with the various factors and parties involved.


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