Pantex Plant Employees Seeking Compensation

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 31-Oct-2011

Located 17 miles northeast of Amarillo, Texas, Pantex Plant is offering compensation to former employees who worked at the plant, between the years of 1958 and 1983, and developed cancer.

Countless former employees and family members have come forward as a result of radiation exposure that has provoked fatal cases of cancer.

The Texas pan handle Pantex Plant is home to the nation’s disassembly for nuclear weapons. In addition the plant houses plutonium. While the plant previously assembled nuclear weapons, it is now used for disassembling older weapons and maintaining the newer versions. Located directly above the area’s main water source, the plant has been associated with strife in the region, causing residents and critics to question its safety.

Although employees have endured cancer and illness as a result of radiation exposure from the plant, nearby farmers and community members have struggled with water contamination, which has also affected the area’s agriculture.

Just last week, the U.S. dismantled the last of its biggest nuclear bombs, the B53, at the Pantex plant. According to government authorities, thousands more nuclear weapons in the U.S. are slated for destruction.

Dismantling the weapons requires the use of solvents and other chemicals in addition to treatment burning in order to separate some of the materials. The process of burning the chemicals is what some critics believe to be the source of water contamination in the area.

According to advocates for former employees and members of the community affected by the plant, the plant is offering former employees and family members compensation for their injuries but the amounts offered can vary depending on the case. Surviving family members and former Pantex employees should seek the aid of an experienced attorney as they seek just compensation for the tragic illnesses and death resulting from negligent radiation exposure.

Contacting a Texas attorney is a good way for surviving family members and former workers to seek fair compensation for injuries, illness and death resulting from radiation exposure.

If you or someone you love is enduring serious illness, including cancer, as a result or radiation exposure at the Pantex Plant or other workplace environment, call our personal injury attorneys in Austin, San Antonio, Killeen and statewide Texas at 888-335-7492, contact us online or visit one of the 11 locations for our workplace injury law firm in Texas for a free consultation today. We care. We can help.


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