Plane Crash in Houston Parking Lot, Kills Three

A small Houston plane crashed in a parking lot of a hardware store around 1 p.m. June 9, leaving three dead.

Dana Gray, the pilot of the plane attempted to land three times at the William P. Hobby airport in Houston, Texas. She was directed to land two times on two different runways, but at too high of an altitude she was unable to land. During the third landing attempt, she was not directed to a runway and with the plane’s altitude still being too high, the plane nose-dived, and crashed in the parking lot of the Gateway Hardware and Rental store nearby the airport.

Dana Gray and the other two passengers, Tony Grey, her husband, and Jerry Gray, her brother-in-law, died upon impact of the crash.

The plane was equipped with a parachute, but the parachute canopy failed to deploy and was still stowed in the airframe at the time of the crash. No one on the ground was injured.

Austin personal injury attorney, Todd Kelly, points out that “people frequently mistake negligence as requiring intent.”

Negligence is the failure to do what a reasonable prudent person would do under the same – or similar – circumstances.

“While much remains to be learned about why this pilot flew her plane into a hardware store, the witness statements seems to call for investigation into the plane’s maintenance,” Kelly said. “We certainly cannot know until there is a detailed investigation.”

The National Transportation Safety Board has been investigating the crash.

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