Temple Man Killed 18 Wheeler Accident on Highway 36 in Brenham

A Temple man was killed in an 18 wheeler accident on Highway 36 in Brenham, when his vehicle collided with the big rig, Wednesday, police said.

Officials identified the man as 31-year-old Larazo Esparza, Jr., a resident of Temple. According to police Esparza was pronounced dead at the scene of the 18 wheeler truck accident.

Police identified the driver of the 18 wheeler as Houston resident, Martin Lovell Harris. A report published by KBTX news noted that Harris had been hauling a load of oil, which spilled onto the highway as a result of the collision.

Texas highways and interstates are often filled with trucks, hauling loads across the nation and helping the state’s commerce. But despite the necessity of trucks and their role, increased truck traffic can leave drivers and passengers of much smaller cars, vulnerable to associated dangers.

According to the national Highway Safety Administration, every 16 minutes, a person is killed or injured in accidents involving 18 wheelers or large trucks, highlighting the dangers related to increasing truck traffic, poor truck maintenance and inadequate training that may be responsible for mishaps, accidents and fatalities.

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