The Carlson Law Firm attorney prepares case for double fatality trucking crash

Personal injury attorney, Robert Ranco, prepares his case for a crash that took place this year in North Dakota.

On February 12, 2016, Ranco’s client was asleep in the sleeper cab of a tractor-trailer when his co-driver, Lloyd Keller, ran into the back of another 18 wheeler that was stopped in the lane of traffic. Both men were employees of LSP Transport L.L.C and were driving a tractor-trailer owned by LSP going eastbound on Highway 52 in Burke County, North Dakota. The driving team had recently dropped their load across the Canadian border.

A flatbed truck that Keller hit was also going eastbound on Highway 52, and was stopped in the lane at a railroad signal at milepost 21. The flatbed did not display federally required warning devices, such as flares or triangles.

“This was an avoidable tragedy on so many levels,” Ranco expressed.

The railroad signal was operated by BNSF Railway, a Dallas-based company that had been notified the railroad signal was malfunctioned. At the time of the collision, BNSF still had not fixed the signal or provided a flagger at the scene.

Keller inexplicably failed to keep a lookout or maintain a reasonable speed and violently rear-ended the flatbed that was parked in the lane of travel. The driver’s cab was demolished and stripped off its chassis. Both the sleeping passenger and Keller (driver of the LSP tractor-trailer) were killed by the collision.

“The most frustrating part of this situation is how easily it could have been avoided. The deceased man whose family we represent was in the sleeper part of the tractor. Clearly, he was faultless,” said Ranco. “The actions of the Defendants were egregious, careless and ultimately led to the death of a hard-working 45-year-old man who leaves behind a wife and two children.”

Trucking collisions can be very serious and involve many medical bills. If you or someone you know have been injured in a trucking crash, contact a personal injury attorney immediately. The Carlson Law Firm has a team of personal injury lawyers that are ready to fight for you. Contact the office for a free case evaluation.


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