Toddler Killed in Dog Attack in Killeen

A dog attack in Killeen injured one child and left a toddler dead on Saturday evening when a bull mastiff attacked a group of children, who were walking home from a nearby playground, police said.

According to officials, the dog escaped from a garage in a nearby home and attacked a young girl walking with the group of children. An older child was able to help the girl, but the dog attacked the toddler, dragging the boy.

The girl and the toddler were transported to Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center for the treatment of their injuries. The toddler was later pronounced dead. The young girl was recently listed in stable condition.

A nearby neighbor fired a gun in an effort to get the dog to leave the children. Police said the dog dropped the toddler and ran back to the home it had come from.

The dog involved in the animal attack in Killeen was taken into custody by animal control. Police are still investigating the incident.

A previous dog attack claimed the life of a young Temple girl, who was killed in a pit bull attack, drawing attention to dog laws and animal safety.

Dog Attack Lawyers in Killeen

While they may seem harmless, dog attacks can be life altering for victims who’ve been attacked, affecting them emotionally, mentally and leaving them with long term physical injuries and scars. Dog owners are responsible for unprovoked attacks that leave bystanders, walkers, children and adults with long term injuries and emotional trauma. Investigation is sometimes an important part of uncovering whether a dog may have been known as dangerous, may have hurt people before or may not have been secured adequately. For a free initial case evaluation regarding your potential dog bite lawsuit, call our Killeen dog bite lawyers today. We care. We can help.


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