Two Midland Men Killed in 18 Wheeler Accident on FM 1357

Two Midland men were killed in an 18 wheeler accident, which resulted in charges against the driver of the big rig for involuntary manslaughter.

Officials identified the two young men as 18-year-old Jacob Power and 28-year-old Bryan McBride. Both were pronounced dead at the scene of the killed in a commercial truck accident.

According to police, the man who was driving the 18 wheeler truck possesses a Mexican Commercial Driver’s License, which is also valid in Texas. Ruben Montes-Garces, a Mexican National, reportedly failed to yield the right of way while test-driving the 18 wheeler truck, smashing into a pickup truck occupied by Powers and McBride.

Garces told authorities he was test driving the truck, in hopes of possibly purchasing it. Officials have not yet revealed who or what company actually owns the tractor trailer truck.

In some situations, the company who owns the truck, as well as the company who owns the trailer drug behind the truck (which can be separate companies) may be responsible for an accident caused by the driver. Not performing proper training for those operating the trucks or letting unqualified drivers operate a commercial vehicle can sometimes result in serious accidents, like the one that occurred in Glasscock County.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Jacob Powers and Bryan McBride.

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