What’s in My Bag: Francisco Morales

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Oct-2012

At The Carlson Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys in Killeen gave us free reign to give potential and existing clients a view of who we really are. What better way to give you a peek into our lives than by dumping our bags of the must-have items that we need and use throughout our busy days filled with client meetings, court dates and time on the road.

Francisco Morales is a personal injury attorney in Killeen, focusing on car accidents, medical malpractice, trucking accidents and slip and fall injuries. Though he was raised in Chile, Francisco moved to the U.S. as a teenager, later attending Wake Forest University School of Law before becoming licenced to practice law in North Carolina. He moved to Texas, where his wife is a JAG Officer with the U.S. Army at Fort Hood.

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1. St. Jude Prayer Card: In the Catholic Faith, St. Jude is a patron Saint of Lost Causes. I carry this card in my wallet.

2. Along with St. Jude, I always have this picture of Pope John Paul II.

3. Gum

4. Water: I stay really active in my free time; running and cycling with my wife. I always try to stay hydrated.

5. I made this little red pouch, which carries a coin inside and represents prosperity in the Feng Shui principals.

6. I never go anywhere without my wallet.

7. Business cards: I am pretty active in our local community in Killeen and Central Texas. I always make sure I have our law firm’s contact information for those who may need our help.

8. Notepad: Whether I’m in court or meeting with a client, I’m always taking notes and gathering information. Listening and noticing the details is so important to what I do everyday as a personal injury attorney.

9. Trouble Dolls: These dollas are known for alleviating worry, I put these under my pillow at night to promote restful sleep.

10. Car Keys

11. Pens

12. Envirokids organic granola bar: in this line of work, you never know where you’ll be at any given time of the day. I try to keep healthy snacks on hand so I’m not tempted by candy, cookies and other snacks that frequent our office.

13. The Blackberry: Our firm is available to clients 24/7, which means we’ve always got someone there to answer the phones and talk with potential clients. I take my phone everywhere.

14. Sunglasses


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