Woman Injured in Mount Pleasant Train Accident

A train accident involving a passenger vehicle sent one woman to the hospital with injuries she experienced after her SUV was struck by the freight train in Mount Pleasant, officials reported.

Police identified the victim of the Mount Pleasant train accident as Lindsey Lehman, who was on her way to a wedding shower when her vehicle was hit.

Other party goers on the scene of the train accident quickly helped Lehman escape from the vehicle, before her Chevrolet Trailblazer erupted in flames.

Authorities are still investigating the scene of the accident in Mount Pleasant, reconstructing and calling upon experts to uncover what sparked the collision.

Train accidents can cause catastrophic damages, injuries and even death because of the sheer size. Despite the seemingly slow speeds at which trains travel, they require more time to come to a stop. Although general train accidents can have devastating results there are a multitude of causes and factors that spark train accidents and injuries. Some factors and types of train accidents in Texas include:

•· Derailments

•· Accidents involving trucks

•· Auto-train collisions

•· Defective railroad crossing equipment

•· Pedestrian-train accidents

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