Woman Killed in Hit and Run Car Accident in Temple

A hit and run car accident in Temple, Texas claimed the life of a woman, who had exited her car on US 190, Friday evening, police reported.

The woman who was killed in the hit and run accident was identified by officials as Stephanie Donovan, 34.

According to police reports, Donovan’s husband was present at the time of the accident. He was able to identify the vehicle that struck his wife.

The accident occurred at approximately 7:50 p.m., south of Temple. Police are still investigating why Donovan was standing outside of the vehicle at the time when she was struck. Donovan was pronounced deceased at the scene of the Temple car accident.

Authorities are still searching for more information regarding the driver’s identity. Police said the vehicle that struck the woman was identified as a newer model Ford Fiesta. Surveillance cameras are being reviewed for more information about the driver and vehicle involved.

Hit and Run Accident Attorneys in Temple

Although auto accidents can be devastating, hit and run incidents can be difficult for family members left mourning the loss of a loved one, with little resolution or closure. New Texas laws enacted in 2013, made more stringent penalties for drivers who leave the scene of an accident and fail to stop and render aid to victims.

By September 2013, new penalties included intoxicated manslaughter charges for hit and run accidents where a fatality was involved. In addition, a hit a run offense is now a second-degree felony. The maximum punishment for leaving the scene of a Texas car accident can be up to 20 years in prison.

Remaining at the scene of an auto accident can be the difference between a victim surviving and having a chance at receiving aid and help and their death, making it imperative that drivers involved in a wreck remain at the scene of a crash.

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