Yet another recall for Takata Corp. products

Takata Corp., the manufacturer of the defective air bags that caused four deaths, produced 30,687 more inflators that contain the defective part and could cause similar ruptures.

Takata believes the outer baffle could be the cause of the ruptures. These faulty inflators were used in General Motors and Nissan Moto Corp. vehicles. Owners will be given notice of recalls.

This is not to be confused with a recent recall that was also linked to four fatalities. The previous recall was for airbags that could potentially rupture when deployed and spray bits of metal. These parts were sold to 10 different automakers including Nissan, Honda and Toyota. 7.8 million U.S. vehicles were called in for repairs.

U.S. regulators question Takata’s abilities to manufacture the replacement parts fast enough to repair all of the recalled vehicles. This could cause drivers to have to drive with faulty airbags until the parts can be made to repair them. Takata Corp. has agreed to weekly meetings to update regulators on their speed in production to meet the demands for the recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and automakers are talking to other airbag manufacturers to see if they are able to supply the replacement parts.

Takata spokeswoman, Berman, made a statement saying the company is fully cooperating with the agency. On Oct. 30, the NHTSA gave Takata one month to answer 36 questions to help understand the cause of the airbag recalls. If Takata is unable to answer these questions, the company can face fines up to $35 million.

One of the four deaths caused by the defective airbags was a driver in Orlando, Fla. The crash took place in September and was included in a 2011 recall for the newer Takata parts. It is unknown if the car was repaired at this time.

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