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If you have been accused of a drug, sex, or violent crime, there are not going to be many individuals on your side. At The Carlson Law Firm, however, you have a firm of individuals who are prepared to fight for you. We have the high-quality criminal defense legal representation that can help you effectively win this fight. Our firm can provide the legal assistance you need to handle this serious situation. We can begin the process by offering a free consultation with a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney. Our firm has the experience and capabilities to effectively assess your situation and walk you through the process.

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Common Drug Crimes

There are many different forms of drug crimes that an individual can be charged with, and each one can damage their future severely. The penalty significantly depends on the drug crime in question. The most common crimes that involve illegal drug actions include:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug sale / distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug importation
  • Federal drug crimes

Penalties For a Drug Crime

Penalties will depend on any past criminal convictions, the type of drug and the amount used for the crime. If minors were involved or dangerous weapons used, the penalties will undoubtedly increase. Penalties for drug crimes can include jail time, heavy fines, probation time, chemical testing, drug education lectures and community service.

Drug, Sex, and Violent Crime Attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm in Texas

Sex Crimes Defense

If you have been charged and arrested for a sex crime, a lot is at stake. When it comes to sex crimes, especially those against children, society is very strong in its opinion that these crimes should be aggressively handled. Law enforcement also has a similar mindset when dealing with those accused of any kind of sex crime. Typically, a sex crime conviction will result in mandatory registration as a sex-offender, which needless to say, can have serious effects on your future.

It is vital to your reputation, your freedom and your future that you begin an aggressive defense against sex crimes charges immediately. The sooner you contact a Sex Crime Defense Attorney, the sooner he will be able to begin building your defense, which could include:

  • Suppressing the Evidence: Did police officers obtain evidence through illegal search and seizure? Did they have a proper search warrant? Were you entrapped (induced to commit the crime) by an investigator?
  • Proving You Were Wrongfully Accused: Did the alleged victim lie because he or she was motivated by a child custody or divorce case? Was the alleged victim trying to protect his or her reputation? Was he or she enticed into giving false evidence?

Sex Offender Registry

After registering as a sex offender, it may become very difficult to find a job that you desire to work because there are typically substantial background checks. Jobs that involve interaction with the public and children are almost automatically forbidden. Aside from occupational effects, finding a place to live can be difficult as many communities require background checks of all future residents. This is a situation that can negatively alter the remainder of your life and therefore, our firm advises that you obtain effective legal assistance as soon as possible.

Need a Violent Crime Attorney?

Harsh penalties can result from a conviction for a violent criminal act no matter what kind of violent act has been charged. The type of violent crime committed can, however, affect the severity of the penalty.The case against you can be very strong because it has come from police reports and evidence. At The Carlson Law Firm, we have private investigators right on staff who are prepared to help defend your case. One of the most unfortunate circumstances to undergo is being convicted for a crime you did not commit.

Protecting Your Rights

Violent crimes are among the most severely punished in Texas, which makes the stakes incredibly high if you’ve been arrested or charged for an violent crime such as assault, robbery, or criminal homicide. However, there can be hope for a positive outcome if you secure the help of an experienced attorney to build a strong defense to your charge.

To avoid an unfavorable outcome of your case, we advise that you take every effort to get the defense you need. We want you to obtain favorable results by pulling together all our resources to build a case that is designed for positive results. In this situation, each step can occur very quickly, which is why we advise you to make every effort to contact our firm as soon as possible.

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