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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice attorneys serving Texas and the rest of the nation

Patients put their health in the hands of doctors. When something goes wrong as a result of a doctor’s or their staff’s carelessness, it can make the injury worse and sometimes can even lead to death. Doctors have a responsibility to take care of you and be professional when dealing with all medical issues. If something didn’t go as discussed with your medical procedure, or your situation demands the attention of a medical malpractice attorney, then your first call should be to The Carlson Law Firm.

Not getting diagnoses from your doctor is another common type of medical malpractice. Sadly, diagnostic error can often result in patient death and injury. While some medical conditions are difficult to diagnose, others are the oversight and negligence of physicians. Without the proper treatment, a medical condition can worsen if not diagnosed properly.

Birth injury is another medical malpractice that our attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm passionately represent. The term “birth injuries” can refer to an injury suffered by the mother or her baby during labor. While many cases of birth injuries are common complications, some are the result of blatant medical negligence. Common birth injuries include brachial palsy, brain injuries and fractures.

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