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Medical Malpractice

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Patients put not only their health but also their lives in the hands of doctors and other medical professionals. Unfortunately, not all doctors and medical professionals take their duty to their patients seriously.

Medical Negligence is Serious

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. That’s right behind heart disease and cancer.

Do You Need a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury as the result of someone’s negligence, you may seek compensation for damages from those responsible. This kind of injury is often accompanied by a long-term or permanent disability. You or a family member may be unable to maintain employment as a result, creating an incredible financial strain. Hiring an experienced medical malpractice attorney is the first step in protecting your rights.

We represent clients dealing with cases that have resulted in catastrophic injury or death, including:

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