Certified Family Law Specialists

certified family law specialists

Family Law Specialists

Tested and Proven for Legal Excellence

According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, there are more than 90,000 licensed attorneys in Texas while only 7,150 of them have earned the title of “specialist” in their particular area of the law. That is less than 10% of attorneys in the state of Texas. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization recognizes 22 practice areas that attorneys can specialize in. Of the 7,150 Board Certified Attorneys in Texas, less than 900 of them are certified in Family Law. This means that only around 11% of Texas attorneys are considered Board Certified Specialists in this area of the law. One of those attorneys is on staff at our firm.

According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, “Board Certified Lawyers earn the right to publicly represent themselves as a specialist in a select area of the law. In fact, they are the only attorneys allowed by the State Bar of Texas to do so.”

We have on staff a family law specialist, and this can prove to be an immense benefit to our clients. The Texas Board of Legalization offers Board Certification in order to distinguish those attorneys who have exemplified superior skill and knowledge in their field. A Board Certification is a mark of excellence that sets these attorneys apart from the rest. It is not only extremely difficult to pass the test to become Board Certified in Family Law, but these attorneys must also remain involved in the Family Law field and obtain periodic reviews from peers in that field. The process is rigorous, but the results are worthwhile. Hiring a Board Certified Family Law Lawyer can make the difference between the success or failure of your case.

Board Certification Qualifications

Under the current Family Law Board Certification standards, attorneys seeking certification must have practiced a minimum number of years, must devote a minimum percentage of their practice to family law, must have handled a minimum of a specified number of family law matters, must receive a specified number of hours of continuing legal education per year, must be evaluated by peers, and must pass a rigorous six hour written examination.

To retain his or her board certification, a board certified attorney must request and receive re-certification every five years.

Through Board Certification, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization attests to the attorney’s level of competence and expertise.

Why Carlson Law Firm?

Why choose The Carlson Law Firm for your Family Law case? The answer is simple. Only a very small fraction of Texas attorneys have earned the right to call themselves specialists in any particular field, and our firm has one Board Certified Personal Family Law Specialist on staff. Don’t risk hiring a firm with lesser qualifications to represent you. Choose an attorney who has been tested and proven for their skill and knowledge in the field of Family Law. Choose The Carlson Law Firm. Take the first step toward justice and contact a Texas Family Law lawyer from the firm today for a free consultation of your case.

Our family law attorneys practice in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, Milam and Williamson Counties.

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