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Conviction for domestic assault in Texas can have extremely serious consequences. There is a lot to lose. Your rights to child custody and visitation can be taken away. Your may lose your right to own a gun. Your career and reputation may be in jeopardy.

The highly experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm defend clients throughout central Texas who have been accused of domestic assault, spousal battery, child abuse, assault on an elderly family member, sexual assault or another domestic violence-related crime.

Domestic Violence Attorney Serving Waco

In the military, a domestic violence conviction will almost certainly result in separation. If you are convicted, your career in the military is over. While it is possible to maintain the separation as non-dishonorable — allowing you to keep your pension and benefits — the best result would be to avoid conviction.

The Carlson Law Firm stands ready to protect your rights and defend your career of service. Our team of lawyers includes former JAG officers who can capably guide and represent you in both the civilian and military aspects of a domestic violence case.

We have obtained deferred adjudication and pretrial diversion for clients in order to avoid a conviction that would trigger automatic separation from the military.

Don’t let another day pass without experienced, dedicated defense representation. Contact a Texas Domestic Violence Lawyer for a free consultation with a Texas domestic violence attorney. No appointment is required during normal business hours, and bilingual staff members are available to assist our Spanish-speaking clients. Se habla español.

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