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About Anesthesia Errors

Anyone undergoing anesthesia is surrendering himself or herself to the care of the anesthesiologist and the surgeon, placing an enormous trust in the hands of these highly-trained medical practitioners. Anesthesia is a vital aspect of many operations, and it must be handled with expert care to ensure that the patient is not harmed in the process. If you have suffered some type of injury or complication as a result of errors in administering anesthesia, you should not hesitate to seek the help of an attorney from our firm.

Anesthesia has been used in surgery since ancient times, when doctors administered opium and similar substances to induce a state of unconsciousness in the patient. It serves two primary purposes: to spare the patient the pain and suffering caused by the surgery, and to make the patient inert and motionless so that the surgeon can more easily carry out the procedure. The use of anesthetic has made significant advances in recent years. Anesthesiologists are among the most highly trained members of the surgical team, but they do make mistakes-when they do, the consequences can be disastrous for the patient.

Types of Anesthesia Mistakes

Anesthesia errors can occur in a number of different ways, but they are all inexcusable. For example, if the anesthesiologist makes a dosage error by administering too little of the substance, the patient may wake up during the operation yet be unable to communicate the fact to the surgeon. If, on the other hand, the patient receives too much anesthesia, he or she may suffer from delirium and even permanent dementia. This type of surgical error may be caused by the use of faulty or improperly calibrated equipment, by failure to properly monitor the patient’s vital signs or by other errors in providing for the patient’s needs. Whether the mistake is the result of carelessness or oversight, you should not be forced to pay the price. If you have reason to believe that you have suffered from some type of anesthesia negligence, contact The Carlson Law Firm to learn whether you have grounds for legal action. Our Texas medical malpractice attorneys will go the extra mile to defend you.

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