Attorney Referrals

Is your staff turning away potential attorney referral cases?

You might not know it, but you could be throwing money away!

Litigating a serious injury or wrongful death can be both time consuming and extremely expensive. What you think is a slam-dunk case can very quickly turn into a financial nightmare.

If you find yourself faced with a case that requires efforts beyond your means, don’t turn it down, consider referring it out to The Carlson Law Firm.

In the past year alone we have paid other attorneys over $1.3 million in referral fees.


Yes, it’s just that simple. Don’t let money slip through your fingers. You can trust that we will use all of our resources to fight for the referred client, in order to obtain the maximum recovery possible, because we care, we can help.

Cases we accept include:

Contact The Carlson Law Firm today to discuss a referral.


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