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The Carlson Law Firm is no longer accepting Power Outage clients. This information is for archival purposes only.

For further assistance, please visit the Texas State Bar.

Texas power companies had several warnings to prepare for the historical weather conditions caused by Winter Storm Uri.  Their negligent behavior put profits over the people who rely on electricity to keep warm during the cold winter months.

In the wake of the recent winter storm in Texas, millions went without power and water for several days in subfreezing temperatures. Once the snow cleared, the number of preventable serious injuries and unnecessary deaths came into sharp focus for many Texans and their families. Grid operators have long been warned about the potential consequences of their failure to winterize equipment. 

The public health emergency created by the failures of Texas power companies resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. These companies had ample time and warnings to winterize equipment that supplies power to the state’s nearly 29 million residents. 

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