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University of Phoenix Lawsuit

Students in Texas or California who attended the University of Phoenix between 2012-2016 may qualify for compensation. Fill out this form to contact a qualified University of Phoenix Lawsuit Lawyer to find out if you qualify.

The False Promise of a Brighter Future

The FTC alleged advertisements were a major part of attracting students to the school. Specifically, the ads targeted military and Hispanic consumers. In many cases, the ads showed employers like:

  • Twitter
  • Adobe
  • Yahoo
  • American Red Cross
  • Avis
  • AT&T

By using these companies in its advertising, the University of Phoenix gave the impression that it worked with these companies to create job opportunities for its students. In addition, these ads may have made people believe that the curriculum at the school was tailored for success working in these companies. In reality, these companies were never partnered with the University of Phoenix.

What did the University of Phoenix agree to with the FTC?

In a settlement worth $191 million with the Federal Trade Commission, the University of Phoenix and its parent company, Apollo Education Group, agreed to wipe out student debts owed to the school. However, it does not wipe out other types of debts. 

The University of Phoenix will pay $50 million in cash and $141 million to cancel debt for students harmed by the deceptive ads. 

Why is there a lawsuit against The University of Phoenix?

The Carlson Law Firm is currently investigating claims by the Federal Trade Commission that for years, the for-profit giant engaged in a fraudulent and deceptive advertising campaign aimed at inducing prospective students to enroll at the University of Phoenix, with the promise of a high-paying job at a top company. The University of Phoenix’s settlement for $191 with the FTC cancels debts owed directly to the for-profit giant but doesn’t address federal or other private student loans.

Many of the students that were duped by the University of Phoenix’s fraudulent marketing practices were current and former military members, many of whom exhausted their GI Bill education benefits to earn their degree, only to be left with grim job prospects after graduation.

Is there a Univesity of Phoenix Lawsuit?

Yes. The Carlson Law Firm is pursuing claims on behalf of students who attending the University of Phoenix between 2012-2016. These students were likely the victims of the for-profit college’s fraudulent advertising.

Can I get my student loans forgiven from a University of Phoenix lawsuit?

The University of Phoenix lawsuit does not forgive student loans, however, if your claim is successful, you will receive a lump sum of money that can be used to pay off your loans.

Military recruitmentUniversity of Phoenix targeted military families and personnel.

In April 2012, former President Barack Obama signed an executive order that prohibited for-profit colleges from gain favorable access to the military. This includes preventing for-profit colleges from freely dispatching recruiters to military bases. However, according to records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the University of Phoenix was able to side-step this law by paying for sponsorships at military events. For example, an article of Reveal News details a $25,000 sponsorship of a concert for soldiers and their families.

Did the University of Phoenix target Military Service members with its recruiting tactics?

Yes. The University of Phoenix side-stepped an executive order signed by former President Barack Obama that prohibited for-profit colleges from gaining favorable access to the military.

In addition to concerts, internal documents from the University reveal that the company had a “sophisticated recruitment strategy.” Ultimately, the goal was to “fulfill expectations of market penetration.” To meet this goal, the company engaged in military recruitment by using the following methods:

  1. Cultivating veterans’ organizations
  2. Utilizing military insignias in school marketing without required permissions
  3. Sponsoring hundreds of events on military bases including concerts, Super Bowl parties and father-daughter dances.

In fact, the university spent over $1 million over the past five years sponsoring events at the largest military bases in the country, including an Easter egg hunt at Fort Hood, Texas.

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America has a complex legal system. However, that shouldn’t deter anyone from asserting their rights and getting what is owed to them. Effectively navigating the U.S. courts means hiring effective counsel to not only fight for you but to put you at ease. 

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