Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Protection Against Unlawful Business Practices

All of us are consumers. We purchase and use products and services on a daily basis. But all too often consumers are cheated, bullied or swindled by large corporations and have no idea how to fight back.

This is why there are laws in place that allow consumers the right to be safe from unsafe products and fraudulent, deceptive, or abusive businesses who want to take advantage of customers.

Through a consumer protection lawsuit, consumers can restore the financial losses they and others have suffered. They can also put a stop to the company’s offending practices, ensuring that others will not be harmed in the future. The Carlson Law Firm has extensive knowledge of the consumer protection laws that are in place to guard against unfair practices. We take the time to understand your needs as well as to examine all of the details surrounding your case to help craft effective solutions.

We are currently investigating the following:

  • DeVry University False Advertising

    For years, DeVry marketed for new students touting a claimed high employment rate for recent graduates. DeVry ads made claims such as “90% of our grads actively seeking employment had careers in 6 months.” DeVry also claimed that graduates from DeVry would earn more than those graduating with bachelor’s degrees from other colleges or universities. Advertisements making these claims appeared on television and radio, as well as online and in print and other media.

    As a current or former DeVry student, you may have a claim against DeVry, even if you receive some cash or debt relief from the FTC settlement. Many states, including Texas, have consumer protection laws that prohibit businesses from making false, misleading, or deceptive representations.

    Learn more about DeVry University False Advertising claims.

  • Truth in Lending Act Violations

    The Truth in Lending Act, or TILA as it is more commonly know, protects borrowers by requiring banks and other institutions to make appropriate disclosures before lending funds. TILA is intended to protect against unfair lending practices. TILA covers most consumer credit loans, including mortgages, credit cards, and home equity loans.

    Learn more about pending TILA violation lawsuits.

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