Distracted Driving Infographic: A Visual

Distracted Driving Infographic

Distracted Driving Infographic

Distracted Driving: An Epidemic

Ever-evolving cell phone technology can offer some aspects of safety for drivers when used properly and safely. But despite the ability to offer aid to stranded drivers or those experiencing car problems, cell phones and other mobile and electronic devices can also create an atmosphere of distraction.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving was involved in 20 percent of injury-provoking crashes, in 2009 alone.

Busy lifestyles and excessive time spent in vehicles can push drivers to perform tasks that cannot always be safely completed while operating a vehicle. Although text messaging, status updates and mobile web interactions have recently taken heat for becoming a distraction to drivers, GPS systems, grooming and even adjusting radios and music can cause distractions while driving, even if only taking attention for a couple of seconds.

The U.S. Department of Transportation describes distracted driving as, “any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. All distractions endanger driver, passenger and bystander safety.”

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