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Some of the most undesirable situations include those involving malfunctioning products. If a product is purchased and does not perform as stated, but instead, causes injury or harm to its users, the situation could lead to substantial frustration as a result of the injuries. A potentially defective process can cause substantial dangerous circumstances, and when they occur, it is important to obtain the help you need. Our team of product liability attorneys the more than 35 years of experience we have representing injured victims to make your case one that is prepared to be fought.

Proving Liability in Texas

There are many laws and regulations in place for how products should work and fulfill expectations. If the product does not work as advertised, but instead causes injury or even wrongful death, our firm can provide assistance as soon as you contact our office. We have substantial experience with product liability cases, which is the liability of distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers for defective products. When a consumer is unfortunate enough to be the user of a defective product, great danger could result. Liability can be proven with the assistance of one of our personal investigators. There is no other place you need to go to get the representation you deserve.

Child Injuries Caused By Dangerous Products

Children’s injuries and deaths may be caused by their exposure to or use of defective products. These include not only children’s products and toys but also products intended for adult use to which children have been exposed. Under most states’ product liability laws, the manufacturers, designers, assemblers, suppliers, and retailers of defective products may be held strictly liable for injuries or deaths to children caused by defects in products. This means that the plaintiff may establish the defendants’ liability without proving that any of the defendants was negligent in producing the defective product or releasing it to consumers.

The child injury and product liability attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm will go the extra mile to uncover the causes of your child’s injuries and seek every bit of the compensation to which you and your family are entitled for your child’s injury or death.

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Product liability is often difficult to determine because it is hard to figure out who is truly at fault. Manufacturers are liable for design defects and other situations that could have been prevented with closer attention to the product. Possible injuries include head injuries, burns, fractures and even blindness. Damage from recalled products cause a loss of money and injuries each year, and a lawyer from our firm is available to fight for compensation in this situation.

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